The last two years, when companies and employees faced a number of challenges associated with the pandemic, have brought a shift in the effective use of technology and adaptation to the online environment in areas that used to be almost untouched. A Devire SSC sector survey found that one of the biggest challenges they have recently faced is Remote Onboarding.


Most of the employees that has started a new job the last year had to adapt to 100% online environment straight away. Companies had to change their processes as well and they needed to find ways how to engage newcomers and learn them remotely all they needed to know. Communication, either within individuals or within teams, was the least of the problems as the market with corporate communication and collaboration platforms and their usage in companies was already well established.


However, not all companies had enough hardware or security processes for home office working at their disposal. At the same time, the trainers and onboarding buddies faced difficulties as well as they were used to work mainly on face-to-face basis. They had to change a lot of materials and training processes and prepare them for effective online usage. Moreover, the companies had to overcome all these obstacles at once within a relatively short time period.

At this stage, companies need candidates to gain all necessary knowledge as soon as possible to become full-fledged team members. It is also important newcomers start to be engaged and on the same wave during the first days and weeks – to perceive company values and culture, get along with the closest team members as well as other stakeholders and to learn in a short time the maximum amount of information needed for their work. And it is this important phase where there are currently large reserves and threats of loss of these newcomers in the online or hybrid environment.


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