Devire Outplacement in the Czech Republic

Outplacement is a solution designed for clients interested in providing assistance and support to employees laid off because of organisational changes at the company. In Devire, we are tasked with significantly increasing the chances of affected workers in the labour market, actively helping them to choose a suitable new job while preserving the positive image of the previous employer.

Devire solution tailored to your needs


Have you come to a situation where your company has to lay off one or more employees at a time?

Outplacement is a professional help to employees who find themselves in a situation of losing their jobs for various reasons. In Devire, we can prepare outplacement for individuals and a larger group, and the main goal is to help a redundant employee, or a laid-off group of employees, cope with the situation and find new applications in the labour market. The whole process can be applied to employees of all levels of the company — from the working class profession to top management.

Devire Outplacement in the Czech Republic:

  • It is part of HR marketing and human resources management,
  • Reduces the negative effects of layoffs,
  • Helps maintain the good name of the employer in the market,
  • It motivates the employees who stayed at the company,
  • Reinforces the positive perception of Employee Branding as an employer,
  • It is an investment in the future of the company.

What can Devire outplacment process involve?


The whole process consists of several stages. In the first phase together, we will ensure the legislative framework of the whole process, the organisation and timetable of the entire redundancy process, the preparation of senior managers for redundancy interviews. The next phase acts as a guide to the selection process and consists of topics such as what work to look for for yourself, how to compile a CV or accompanying letter correctly, where to look for a new job, how to present yourself on social networks, how to successfully manage an admissions interview, a program participant gets feedback, or perhaps even advice on how to handle beginnings in a new job. Employment advice and practical information such as claims and obligations to authorities and institutions are also included. Individual consultations include familiarity with the current labour market situation and presenting suitable job offers. We can conduct consultations directly with the client or at Devire’s office.