Devire: Talent Connect

Talent Connect is an innovative recruitment marketing campaign that uses a combination of modern marketing channels to reach candidates. With Talent Connect, you will reach a far wider audience with your job offer, raise awareness of your employer brand - Employer Branding, and encourage the engagement of applicants.

Talent Connect


Traditional methods of finding new employees are not sufficient at present. They only allow you to reach the top of the iceberg on the labour market. With the Talent Connect campaign, we’re going under the surface. We can reach out to candidates who are not active in the labour market and are not yet interested in change. We do this using data available to colleagues from advertising firms and our knowledge of digital marketing in recruitment.

Why video?


+490% Higher click-rate for users who see ads in the form of video
+70 % More users will recall seeing this video in the last 30 days
+80 % Users tend to respond to an ad that contains video


Our tools

Talent Connect combines the most efficient modern marketing channels to appeal to a precisely selected target audience, raise awareness among candidates and impress them for your recruitment.

Talent Connect uses four online channels and a video format to appeal to potential candidates! how Your traditional advert will turn into a short video to be promoted on Facebook. Plus, we’re promoting your job offer on LinkedIn, Youtube and hundreds of websites within the Google Display Network. To best target the advert, we use data collected by our partners who are experts in digital marketing.


Why Talent Connect?


Raise awareness of your brand – Employer Branding at your target audience.


Intrigue potential candidates using a video format and creative banners.


Use state-of-the-art recruitment marketing technologies to promote and build Employer Branding.



That’s not all. We are constantly expanding and optimizing the number of possible recipients, showing adverts to users whose behavior is similar to those who responded to the ad in previous campaigns.


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