Devire: RPO Experts in the Czech Republic

In today's ultra-competitive and dynamic business environment, there is a constant race for the top talents. To gain a significant competitive advantage, a company needs a cutting-edge talent acquisition strategy that contributes to the development of the entire organization.

That's why at Devire, we combine people, processes and technology to move the talent acquisition forward. In RPO in Czechia, we focus on measurable results & flexible recruitment outsourcing solutions to empower your business to build and manage the workforce more effectively.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions in Czechia with Devire


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a flexible service where Devire handles a client’s partial or full recruitment process. We provide our professional recruitment team, experience and all necessary tools. The whole process is measured by mutually agreed KPI’s and SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

As your trust-worthy RPO partner in the Czech Republic, we know that one size never fits all. With Devire, you can be sure that the entire RPO service will be tailored to address your needs. Our experience and know-how allow us to implement cost-effective and built-on-the-go RPO solutions adapted to constantly changing business circumstances.

The Benefits of RPO Solutions in the Czech Republic

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the Czech Republic brings many advantages for your organization, just to name a few:

  • optimizes the whole recruitment process
  • reduces cost and time to hire
  • allows scaling during the up and down volume periods
  • gives access to a way more diverse pool of talents
  • increases the number of qualified hires & streamlines talent acquisition
  • allows gaining transparency through reporting
  • enhances employer’s brand awareness

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the Czech Republic – models of collaboration with Devire

In RPO, we provide fully customized solutions tailored to the client’s needs and the strategic vision of the entire organization. In RPO in the Czech Republic we operate in three following models:

  • Full scope RPO — it’s an end-to-end outsourcing solution, in which we take care of the entire recruitment strategy; in full-scope RPO we can focus both on specific business division or entire organization
  • Peak RPO — we support organizations during the challenging periods, such as peak-hiring, limited timing, unexpected hiring demand or recruitment backlogs
  • Recruiter on demand — in this model one or more experienced and skillful recruiters join client’s team for a specific project or time frame
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