Devire: Recruitment agency scoring
top-notch talents in SSC and BPO in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic is the Business Services Sector leader in Europe. It's not particularly strange - with great geolocation and high workforce quality standards, the country is a perfect hub for the business service centers location and development.

At Devire, we serve as excellent support for global business players planning to develop their business service centres in Czech Republic. Recruiting with Devire means working with one of the most dynamically growing and the most effective SSC/BPO staffing agency scoring top-notch talents in SSC and BPO in Poland.

Entrust devire - recruitment experts
in SSC & BPO sector in the Czech Republic


The growing competence of business service centers is reflected in our recruitment activities. We specialize in consulting investors in the creation of new services for their enterprises. We also support them in the recruitment of entire teams from the ground up. We also help in expanding and developing their existing teams. Our extensive expertise enables us to deliver tailored SSC/BPO solutions to let our customers shed their operating costs & focus on the core of their business.

What sets our company apart in the SSC/BPO recruitment?

With Devire, you can be sure to get your recruitment project delivered on time and on budget. We have in-depth knowledge & understanding of the SSC/BPO internal environment. Our expertise helps us to carry out even the most demanding recruitment process successfully. If you look for people with tremendous potential from a variety of educational backgrounds, we know exactly how to source them.

In SSC/BPO, we hire quickly from a qualified talent pool. We have hundreds of qualified specialists in our database, which allows us to effectively and promptly recruit candidates at various levels of professional experience – from entry-level to managers. Our consultants also have a proven track record in making mass recruitment projects more straightforward.

Vacancy coverage in the SSC/BPO sector

At Devire, we successfully deliver the most qualified employees for our clients in the following areas (but is not limited to):

  • Accounting
  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Back-office
  • IT Helpdesk
  • HR
  • Tax
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