Devire: Recruitment agency scoring top-notch talents in the Life Sciences

New technology and innovative scientific discoveries are disrupting today’s life science industry at the never-seen-before scale. This innovation shift has resulted in a dynamically growing demand for the unique competencies, combined with professional knowledge and science related education.

Finding people who click in life sciences is becoming more than difficult. When it comes to recruitment in life sciences, there is no space for compromise.

Entrust Devire - Recruitment experts
in the Life Sciences in the Czech Republic


We have established partnerships with an outstanding portfolio of market-leading companies – from pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, distributors to laboratory companies. We work for leading life science companies, presenting qualified employees for the medical, sales, and marketing departments. We successfully provide consultancy and recruitment in life science at various organizational levels, including senior managers and highly specialized positions.

What sets our company apart in Life Science recruitment?

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical are highly complex and innovative industries, requiring niche and specific skill sets. That’s why our recruiters have an extensive understanding of the scientific and medical market and continuously strive to keep abreast of industry trends. Thanks to our expert knowledge of clinical trials, medical technology, the OTC, and RX drug markets, the candidates’ qualifications are better assessed and understood.

In the recruitment in life science, we blend our experience, expert knowledge, combined with innovative channels to reach candidates. We also benefit from our extensive candidates’ network, which we have meticulously built for years. At Devire, we always put quality over quantity, according to the rule “focus on the 10 percent top-talents who deliver 90 percent of the company’s value”.

Vacancy coverage in the Life Science sector

With Devire you can find top-notch scientific talents who meet rapidly evolving scientific challenges of your company. We cover all functions and roles in the Life Science sector across the entire product lifecycle, including pharmacovigilance, clinical research, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, technical support, as well as sales and marketing jobs.

In the Life Science industry we can source high-caliber applicants for the following roles (but is not limited to):

  • Sales Director/Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Medical Representative
  • Marketing Director/Manager
  • Medical Director
  • R&D Manager/Specialist
  • Medical Advisor / Medical Science Liaison
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager/Specialist
  • Pharmacovigilance Manager/Specialist
  • Service Manager / Engineer
  • Tender Manager / Specialist
  • Market Access Manager
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