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Human Resources in today's business is way more than hiring, onboarding, and remuneration. HR should provide strategic guidance on employees' engagement and employer brand optimization. Becoming a leader and gaining a competitive advantage is no longer possible without the top-class HR department.

At Devire, we know that hiring the best HR experts is more than critical. As a recruitment company, we know the specifics of sourcing and hiring the greatest HR talents. That’s why we approach recruitment unconventionally and innovatively, combining new technologies, our industry know-how, and long-term experience. Our commitment: deliver world-class talents for your HR teams.

Entrust Devire: Recruitment experts in
Human Resources in the Czech Republic


There is no space for a one-fits-all solution in successful Human Resources recruitment. Understanding both clients’ and candidates expectations’ is the key. That’s why at Devire, we focus on cooperation to understand the business requirements and develop a bespoke recruitment approach. Our expertise allows us to effectively recruit highly qualified experts and managers, both for soft and hard HR.

What sets us apart in HR recruitment?

At Devire, we provide top-class Human Resources staffing. When it comes to recruitment in HR, we drew on our vast industry experience. As a recruitment company, we know what candidates you are looking for and the challenges you face. Our expertise allows us to effectively source, verify, and hire the best specialists on the market, ideally suited to your business needs.

In Human Resources recruitment, we efficiently use the wide range of best-in-class tools and channels to reach the high-profile candidates – from traditional methods, through digital activities to video recruitment marketing. We also benefit from extensive candidates’ network, which we use to directly source highest caliber specialists and managers who possess skills and competencies sought on the market.

Vacancy coverage in the Human Resources

At Devire, in recruitment to Human Resources departments, we benefit from our specialist market knowledge and the experience of our dedicated consultants. We specialize in hiring for HR specialist, expert, and managerial positions.

In Human Resources, we can source high-caliber applicants for the following roles (but is not limited to):

  • Payroll Specialist / Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Specialist / Manager
  • HR Specialist / HR Generalist
  • Employer Branding Specialist / Manager
  • Training and Development Specialist / Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists / Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Manager / HR Director / Head of HR
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