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Continuous changes in financial regulations, Big Data, AI - these are just a few factors impacting today’s Accountancy & Finance industry. Most specialists keep saying that even more changes are about to come.
To be ready for any further industry disruption, companies need to find the best tech-savvy accountants and financial specialists. And let’s be honest - having the right accounting professionals overseeing your business accounts is critical.

At Devire, we’ve leveraged the latest innovations in accounting and finance recruitment. Our commitment: deliver world-class financial & accounting talents.

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Finding the perfect fit in Accountancy & Finance

There is no shortcut towards successful recruitment in Accountancy & Finance. The key is to hit the balance between efficiency and quality and match high-profile job seekers with the right organizations for a long-lasting professional relationship.

In Accounting & Finance recruitment, we look far beyond skills and experience. We attract the candidates who not only possess excellent analytical & financial skills, but also have the right blend of motivation, self-drive, and excellence to join treasury, risk management, accounting, controlling, tax consulting and audit departments. Our goal is to create professional teams, both for small and medium businesses, as well as large international corporations and consulting companies. 

What sets us apart in Accountancy & Finance recruitment?

Successful recruitment in Accountancy & Finance requires an in-depth understanding of the financial industry. At Devire, we regularly follow news on economic trends and global markets. Each of our consultants focuses on a specific finance niche so that they are fully conversant with the latest financial trends, changes, and legislations. Our understanding of the financial market allows us to source top tier candidates for the most challenging roles in your company.

At Devire in Accountancy and Finance recruitment, we use a wide range of best-in-class recruitment techniques to find talented accountants and financial specialists for your business. Our team has built up a strong & trusted candidate network by cultivating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our candidates. That’s why we can find the highest caliber professionals, quickly and efficiently.

Vacancy coverage in the in the Accountancy & Finance

We deliver accounting and finance top professionals across the wide range of different industries, in particular in the field of internal and external accounting, HR and payroll services, corporate finance, commercial finance, internal and external audits.

In Accountancy & Finance industry we can source high-caliber candidates for the following roles (but is not limited to):

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Head of Finance / Finance Manager
  • Head of Controlling
  • Financial Controller / Analyst
  • Head of Accounting / Chief Accountant
  • (Senior) Accountant / Accounting Specialist
  • Tax Director / Manager / Advisor / Specialist
  • Payroll Director / Manager / Specialist
  • Head of Treasury / Treasurer
  • Pricing / Revenue Manager / Specialist
  • Head / Director /Specialist of Internal Audit
  • Compliance Officer / Manager
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